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  1. Thanks for the info. Never thought about the radio. Will grab one before the trip. Seen Presque isle bay on YouTube and may have to poke around it a bit. I am totally open to Lau ching anywhere from the OH state line all the way east the the NY state line.
  2. Looks like a fun day! I just booked a rental just south of walnut creek for 15 - 19 September. Planning to hit lake Erie and this will be my first. I run a 2020 targa v19 combo tourney edition with a 225 merc and a 9.9 kicker. I think it will do for the lake but welcome any insight into how much and which direction of wind is not good to be out in. Along with any recommended boat safety gear that may be recommended for boat on Lake Erie. When in doubt, Pymayuning is only 40 minutes away 😉. TIA for any and all info. Tight lines!
  3. Good luck Shellback! How the wind calms down and you are able to get out. Hope to see some decent pics. Tight lines!
  4. @stoneam2006 really like the write ups. I am planning an erie walleye trip late September and will be launching anywhere from Walnut Creek to North East Marina. This will be our first time out on Erie. Looking forward to you continued post. Tight lines!
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