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  1. I have a couple of items in classified on LEU site that sold. But on LOU site same items show "locked" please advise
  2. Box of 100 specialty jigs assorted sizes. Standup, football,floating,ice $75 for all will not separate! 13 Jet dives size 20 and 30 13pcs $40 for all will not separate! Spinner blades willow leaf, Colorado, size 3,4,and 5 over 100pcs $50 for all will not separate! Box of yellow Sally flys assorted colors 25pcs. $15 for all will not separate! Local sale only will not ship.
  3. Assorted baits including Renosky, Bombers, Reef runners, and deep and Junior Thunder sticks. All in good shape. Local sale only. Will not separate Group 1 18 total Renosky lures assorted colors $40 Sold group 1&2 M Group 2 32 total Reef runner, Bomber, Bagley, other $65 sold groups 1&2 Group 3 17 various brands $30 Group 4 23 Matsou, Junior Thunderstick,Reef runner $45
  4. Matched set 8'6" medium down rigger rods Cabelas DM lll 30 line counter reels $100 for the pair excellent shape. Local sale only will not ship.
  5. Using different length rods helps also say a 9' 6" on the outside and a 8' inside. Let the outside out with a 31/2 setting first using the clicker. Set the inside shorter rod out next with a 11/2 setting always use the the clicker when letting out. If a fish hits on the outside it will come up and away from the inside dipsy. When resetting move the inside dipsy to a center rod holder. Let the outside dipsy out slowly. Works for me
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