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  1. Hi Jethro. I’m interested. I fish walleye in the bay of quinte off Lake Ontario. I have a smaller boat. A crestliner Canadian 1650 bow rider. I haven’t got a mast yet. I’m thinking of two masts on the boat mounted in front of the windshield that can be removed easily for storage. I’ve used the online from the store but not much success. Everyone I know who does really well in the bay uses mast and board. So being new to the market, I’m looking for boards that will collapse for storage but doesn’t hinder the boards function. I’m also looking for mast(s) as well. If you are not selling masts please feel free to suggest A place or a DIY guide and part sources. My boards I’m looking for has to be bright. Too many idiots in 14ft tin cans coming across my in lines so visibility is a must. Flags or ok too. Decal is obvious. Walleyes. Lol. Thanks for your reply. my name is Brian and I live in Oshawa Ontario. Email if permitted is [email protected] dot com 🙏😊
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