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  1. Hello yes I still have them for sale. We just completed this seasons stock of planer boards. Let me know what colour of boards you would like and whether you would need them shipped via Canada Post? You can call or text me at 519-532-7785 as well. For some reason I have not received previous inquiries from this site? I have just noticed previous inquiries missed and I apologize to anyone who tried to contact me thru here in the past.
  2. Dual folding planer boards that will take up less room in your boat. They track and plane very well. I have been making planer boards including triples for many years and use them on a regular basis on my own boat on Lake Erie & Lake Ontario. Friends also use these boards and provide me with valuable feedback to help develop any improvements. There are extra holes provided for the eye bolt so you can adjust the swim preference according to your mast setup and lake conditions that day. I'm putting this ad out there to see if there is any interest. If so the price per pair, left & right for $250 CDN. Shipping charges would be extra since I live on the north side of Lake Erie (Port Dover). Each board is 30 inches in length. I can also customize the planer boards to a customers liking such as extra adjustment holes, slotted holes for wing nut fasteners and some or no graphics. I'm a new member on this site and this is my first ad.
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