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  1. Thanks for the report , heading out there tomorrow. Probably gunna start out from Brockton .
  2. Yes it is , it's nice that you can slide riggers and rod holders in any order you like . My boat is 18' and it blocks off too much of the stern for netting ect . for my liking. I like the track sections on the gunnels leaving the stern open .
  3. Bert's track system trolling bar with spacers and end caps . Used but in good condition $375.00 RAM tube rod holders on ram ball mount with Bert's track adapter plates . (2) available $55 each meet in Rochester or buffalo , shipping for rodholders , buyer pays .
  4. When the walleyes are tough out of Dunkirk the lake trout always save the day . Go out to 100' + and get your riggers right close to the bottom . We caught a 14 pounder last week doing just that .
  5. Thank you ! I would love to go to that show Saturday, but already committed to take a youngster on the youth turkey hunt this weekend. I'll just call and get the rate info. Thanks Again. Jeff
  6. I'm looking to get a slip this summer for July & August in Dunkirk . Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get one , security or price differences . It's seems there are a couple places that have them . Thanks for the help !
  7. Are these still available and where are you located ?
  8. We fished Dunkirk today too, got on the water at 9am fished until 3 . Boated 15 eyes kept 8 between my dad and I. Keepers were 18-29" three between 5 & 6 1/2 pounds. Best bite was from 11 am- 1:00 in 95-105 feet of water. Bigger fish were suspended 40/100. All on harnesses. One 10 pound laker too , abfun couple days for sure ... now back to work tomorrow.
  9. We spent the day at Dunkirk ... west of harbor from 65-85 FOW. Fished from 8-3:30 six rods, two on riggers two with snap weights and two with 6oz bottom bouncers. Boated 19 walleyes, 2 perch and a sheep . Brought home 8 eyes and two perch . No big fish lots of skinny 13-15" future freezer fillers that went back strong .The best technique was popping riggers up through fish with watermelon harness blades and a old school June bug spinner with a crawler . My dad (70 yrs old) insisted on trying it " like the old days ". I had my doubts but it took 8 hits off the rigger!! I'm a believer . We lost a few on the way in including what would have been the big fish of the day . Not a quality day but a good quantity day for a few rookies. Thanks for all the tips on here ! Jeff
  10. Do you think tomorrow's fishing will be better with the forecasted south/ southeast wind? Or did today's blow mess things up for a couple days ?
  11. That's the second time today I've heard about 80 FOW out of Dunkirk being hot... I'll check it out later in the week ! Thanks for the info ...
  12. Thanks! I'm headed out wed for a few days , looking to put a few in the freezer. We're thinking of Dunkirk to start. Dandy walleyes by the way !
  13. Most fish you caught suspended or bottom oreiented ?
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