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  1. Just not a fan of giving money to PayPal. sold a ton on eBay over the years and each year they just took more and more i did send a PM..
  2. No worries I have the following; 2 Okuma CV45 with 7 color lead core 6 Okuma CV45 with 5 color lead core Rob
  3. Up for sale is a set of Amish Outfitter Planer boards. These boards are in great shape and ready to fish..I am located in Erie, PA and will meet within a reasonable distance. any questions please ask and thank you for looking. Price : $150 Amish Outfitters Plastic Planer Boards pull harder than other traditional planer boards. These boards run with about one-inch of the board above the water and will not dive or jump. These Plastic Planer Boards track true and perform in even rough waters. Amish Outfitter plastic planer boards pull hard enough that they will pull a smaller boat to one side with only one board out. Putting both boards out will even slow down your trolling speed. We highly recommended that these boards be used with the Amish Outfitters 500-pound Spectra Planer Board Line as standard 200-pound dacron planer board will not hold these boards in a chop. Each board is fully collapsible for easy storage. Color: White Open length: 32 in. Open width: 12 in. Open height: 8 in. Collapsed length: 38 in. Collapsed height: 8 in. Collasped width: 2 1/2 in. Qty. per pack: 1 port plus 1 starboard side board Please note: Flags are not included. Amish Outfitters Plastic Planer Boards are made in the U.S.A.
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