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  1. Same thats super nice of you. I have a old Boat, 1986 with 2.5 4 cyl and I have a 9.9 kicker just because, plus Tow Boat, I suck at fishing, but I would never leave a person to the mercy of that lake. I agree I only go out on good days too, I may be scared like that but one rough day is all you need and you never forget how messed up it can be.
  2. I give anyone major props if you were out yesterday or today, that water would tear my 18 foot boat up, I know it would be doom for me. Im going out Monday AM, but glad you got fish and are safe!
  3. How busy are the launches in Hanover On Saturday mornings early on average, I know it could be a circus, but I want to go out this Saturday and I usually only go during the week. Thanks, and if you think Im better off elsewhere, I appreciate it, I don't normally fish weekends.
  4. Thanks for the report, Im going out Monday running a full harness and worm brigade on Bouncers and then some lead/planers for the fish in midway (5 and 6 colors). Thanks again.
  5. jimmac thanks for the report, I want to head out Wednesday AM if weather cooperates
  6. I like fishing, its the catching thing that Im working on!
  7. Thanks, honestly Im learning, I have all the equipment, but need to pay my dues and learn just like everyone else. Ive only been doing this this year, Im normally a ICE/stream/Canoe guy, so I know Im not going to be good overnight. Eventually Ill get it. I really appreciate all the posts because I learn a lot. Maybe next week!
  8. Went out today from 930AM to 1230, was in 45 ft of water from in front of the windmills to past Seneca shoal, marked a lot of fish mid way in the column but got nothing. I did catch a net though, has to circle twice to keep from breaking my line. Saw a lot of boat further out by International line. I should have went further. Got rough on the way in, actually white caps.
  9. 45 to 50 ft were marking a lot of fish just west of SP was about to get going and had a person on board get ill. Unforn. game over. A lot of guys limited out. will be back next week.
  10. Talked to a lot of guys who had limits all were working the Canadian line, a lot came on Dipsys, a lot of guys said they marked fish throughout the column. Key was to go deep, 40-55 feet or more. Me, I was the stupid one who bottom bounced the inner harbor and the windmills in about 25-32 ft, got a few hits, no takers marked very little. There was a big bass tournament at the SBH today too. Well live and learn.
  11. Don't feel bad I was going to go out today as well and got derailed, so tomorrow out of the small boat harbor to bottom bounce out to Hamburg, when I go out of Sturgeon or the Catt I bring the riggers and lead. I avoid next week with all the Holiday Yahoos. Hope you guys get some limits!
  12. I was there this morning and said nope, Im glad Im going Thursday morning, weekends are too busy down there.
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