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  1. Fish yesterday in 60 ft of water east of sturgeon. 9 fish on 6 to the boat all nice 22 to 24 in eaters lost one monster. Everything on the 9 and 10 color and riggers
  2. Interesting fish, second pic of the tail looks completely different. Has some salmon and some trout characteristics. Spend enough time on the water and you see some unusual stuff. Here are 2 pics of a 28" eye I caught in 2015. The color in these pics is spot on with the actual color of the fish (I still have the skin) Only one I have ever seen like this.
  3. I agree with Battle. Fished Ontario over 25 years, caught hundreds of salmon, never saw one with a square tail. It is a great catch though!
  4. Your blades were hardly spinning, if at all.
  5. I tried drift bottom bouncing early and had no bites. Speed on the drift was 1.3 to 1.5 Once I started trolling I got all my fish trolling northeast at 1.9 to 2.1 mph
  6. Fished out of SBH today, 58 to 60 FOW 1/2 mile inside the fence. Boxed 5 nice fish 22 to 24 inches and released a 31" sow that was pushing 10 lbs. Fished for a while closer to Buffalo then went southwest looking for better water and found it. The picture closer to Buffalo had fish but little to no bait. Once I got about 8 miles down there was lots of bait with active fish under it and the bite was on. Everything happened from 10 to 11:30. 7 and 9 color, and 2 color off the rigger did all the work, Double willow fire tiger, perch hologram single hatchet, and double blade copper colorado were the only harnesses I ran and all took fish. I often hear on the radio guys saying they mark a lot but no takers and I am convinced these are fish that are not actively feeding. As we say in FL, find the bait, find the fish! Oh yea, the interns at the National Weather Service are still trying to learn to forecast today's wind and waves and still failing.
  7. Fished 55 to 60 fow out of sbh today. Tons and tons of bait. 5 fish all 22 to 24 inch very chunky fish. 5 , 7 color and 2 color rigger.
  8. 2 color rod with braid backing. Puts the bait 70 feet back and about 10 feet below the ball. I use the blacks releases set super light.
  9. Yes what battle hammer said. Has been working for me for couple of years. 2 or 3 color
  10. Fished out of sbh today. 50 to 60 feet 8 fish all eater size 19 to 26 inches. 5, 7, an 10 color and 2 color off the rigger. All harnesses.
  11. Fished 45 to 50 north of Seneca today. 7 walleye couple of 16" throwbacks. All on harnesses on 5 and 7 color and the 30 jet. Keepers were 20 to 23". Challenging fishing with the sudden light changes during and after the T storm to the west. Once it got bright it killed the bite for about an hour or so but it turned back on. Copper and copper watermelon when it was cloudy then nuke green when it got bright. Ground out a decent box of eaters fishing solo.
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