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  1. Yes I've been buying the challengers now for the same reason. The components are much better quality. Strong hooks, nice paint that takes a beating, and the line and knots have not let me down yet. When I do redo them I usually use 3 owner hooks and #20 seaguar leader material. Just tie up a few leaders and when you get a knick or fray just switch everything to the new leader.
  2. Really like these boxes. First time I seen the prototype at captain bob's I fell in love with it. Of course I have the maxi mate box but it's not only big it beats the paint off the spoons. I use the dividers for the cranks to keep my spoons from banging into each other. Holds enough baits for a day and I just swap them out at home if I want to try new colors. Going to get 2 more and I'll have everything I need in separate boxes. Not that I recommend it but I've flipped the box over a few times and never had a problem. Flip the maxi mate over and good luck. Lol. Anybody not sure about it go to captain bob's and check them out. It's a well built product that he has surely put a lot of time into. Can't wait to get the new box for big sticks, I'll have big sticks, little sticks, and spoons all in there own box. Now make us salmon guys a box for flashers and dipsy's please!
  3. You could go to spooncrankbox.com or if you are near captain Bob's in Clarence they are in stock there.
  4. I will take these if there available
  5. Does it require soldering? Ribbon cord? How much did the conversation cost?
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