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  1. i do have some i would sell PM me. i also have the small 3" renosky chatter sticks
  2. rod trees 1 set of rod trees used 1 season excellent condition $300 with extra rod holder or net holder on top
  3. ReelKrazy9

    Perch Perch

    Any new perch reports would like to get out of sturgeon pt? thanks ahead of time
  4. ReelKrazy9

    Southtowns Walleye Tournament

    is there a live leaderboard to see where you fish is placed
  5. ReelKrazy9

    Map Upgrade for Lowrance (Help Please)

    yea i think i am going to have to purchase the hot maps premium i dont think i need the platinum. I think the differnce is platinum has 3D views and pics of marinas where premium does not but assuming both charts are the same i will save the money and go with Premium over platinum i do not need the 3D charting or pics. Just looking to get a more accurate TOPO of the bottom of lake.
  6. ReelKrazy9

    Map Upgrade for Lowrance (Help Please)

    No chip just the pre loaded lake insight map i believe. That's discouraging to hear about the hot maps premium i was hoping that would be more accurate. the pre loaded map in the unit is off about 10ft and is frustrating if i am trying to gameplan.The navionics App on my phone is surprisingly accurate and only off by 1ft or so and was looking for something similar or close for the HDS7. I did the software update last summer but not sure if that included the map.
  7. Hello All i have a Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 2 touch and want o upgrade the Map in the system. the contour lines on the preloaded map do not match up with sonar reading and want purchase a better map. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. i was thinking the Navionics Premium Hot Maps?
  8. Hi my name is vince and i am a Fishaholic. I am an avid walleye and perch fisherman and sites like these are great for guys in the local community to get some local knowledge or find out where fish may be biting come time for the weekend.