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  1. I was at Cabelas yesterday and asked a guy in the fishing section about where to launch in the harbor. He said that he actually worked in the harbor and that all the ramps are closed due to construction. Are they keeping one open during construction or are they all closed like the guy told me. Its a long ride for me to find out I can't launch. Thanks
  2. Yonker rig is nothing special. It is using a dipsey sinker on a snap swivel and attaching a snelled hook on the snap as well. Then attaching another snelled hook 12" or whatever height above. It works great when the perch are tight to the bottom.
  3. Perch Rigs So I am sitting bored out of my mind. I figured I would ask what some of you all use for a perch rig. I use a few different rigs. Yonker, drop shot etc. Just wondering. I am always looking to try other stuff. Thanks
  4. Gonna be cold on Sunday but calm enough to get out I might have to give it a whirl. An hour or so drive for me, so we'll have to see. Are the ramps down there steep or not?
  5. Being that I am not from Buffalo, is the Safe Harbor and Buffalo Harbor the same place? Thanks
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