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  1. Thanks for the reply. I've noticed the same west of you as well. Expect it to pick up, though. Again, thanks for replying!
  2. I suppose it was. I take it back. Would. E nice to see some input, though.
  3. I have posted twice on this site with no replies either time. Given that at least 46 people have looked at my post, I am left to conclude this site is mostly for lurkers and lazy asses who only want to find spots and steal ideas. Have a party! I'm out of here!!
  4. Have been hitting perch, no real size, out of Belle River. How's everyone else doing?
  5. What weight, etc.? And no idea what they're worth new. Any pictures?
  6. Just wondering. So many restrictions anymore. If they're OK, I'd sure take a swing at em!
  7. Just curious.....are they safe to eat?
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