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  1. Thanks! Those look like great salmon spoons as well! How far out is the 02 line? L.J.
  2. Misdirection, So, my Dad's reaction to next month was not what I expected. Long story, but now he wants to look at next spring, further west (I still think by this weekend he might change his mindl. Is you area in Ohio good in early May? Great tip on the summer speed! L.J.
  3. My Dad is 83 years young, but time is catching up. He has fished for and been obsessed with walleyes his whole life. Gave me the fever too:) Caught almost all his walleyes on Lake Champlain. He's always dreamed of a #10+ walleye, but just can't find too many of those in Vermont. He asked me this weekend if I'd fish Erie with him next year. I said of course, but when I was home this weekend to visit, I can see his mobility is rapidly becoming a challenge. I decided I'd like to make the trip happen next month, as I don't know what a year will bring in terms of his health. So, looking to work out of the Buffalo/Dunkirk area. Is this a good plan mid to late July? Is a 10 pound plus fish possible in this area this time of year? Any particular area better than other for Erie rookies to work? Checking a few recent reports, fishing looks pretty good already. We've got a 24 foot Crestliner with 4 riggers, planer boards, flatline options (we've never run lead cores). Most of our experience is running stick baits and spinner harnesses. I plan to read as much as I can here, but need to set up travel arrangements ASAP, so any pointers not only for fish but lodging (full kitchen - hotel, Airbnb, Vrbo, etc. ) would be greatly appreciated! L.J.
  4. Good evening all, I've been on the Lake Ontario United board for about 15 years. Just joined here. Grew up in Massachusetts spending summers in Vermont on Lake Champlain fishing for walleyes, and later Lakers and Landlock Salmon. Moved to North Carolina in 2004, but started traveling to Lake Ontario in 2006 chasing Kings with my Dad, who retired in Upstate NY (Plattsburgh). I've made a couple of trips to Minnesota for walleyes, and have chased salmon and halibut on several trips to Alaska. My Dad has caught countless walleyes over 83 years, but never broke the #10 mark. Hoping to make that happen in a few weeks on our first trip to Lake Erie! L.J. aka WalleyeLJ
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