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  1. Awesome, thanks for the info! I'll definitely look into them more seriously.
  2. Nice! How do you like your Proline? I've been shopping around for a boat and trying to weigh out all of my options. For budget reasons I'm probably going to need to get something used, how has yours held up?
  3. Awesome, thank you so much for the info, that's very helpful!
  4. Cool, thanks for posting this video. I'm going to be in the Cleveland area for a bit. Where are the best places to bass fish on Lake Erie? I'm willing to travel a bit if I need to.
  5. Hello, just signed up and the message said I should introduce myself. I'm from Florida and going to be nearby Cleveland for a bit and just trying to check out the fishing scene on Lake Erie. Open to any advice or good areas I should check out.
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