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  1. I’m curious…what makes you think they are not walleye? Sent from my iPad using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  2. 1980 mercury 4.5 hp long shaft, includes gas tank. Just tuned up including new impeller. $425.00 cash upon pick up.
  3. I have a4.5 hp Mercury 2 stroke, includes gas can. Llooking to sell. Recently tuned up including new impeller. Great kicker motor. Anybody know of anyone looking for one?
  4. Looking to sell 4.5 hp Mercury OB 2 stroke, includes gas can. Recently tuned up including new impeller. Great kicker motor. Anybody know anyone looking for one?
  5. Fished this morning 7:00-12:30 off Sturgeon, 56-63 fow. Great conditions, slight chop and overcast. Some marks, lots of bait. Every color of the rainbow harness, sticks & spoons, off dipsies, riggers and lead core. The only thing we got bit by were the flies. very discouraging.
  6. Going to Sturgeon tomorrow. What are “bb’s”?
  7. Fished today off Sturgeon 7:30-1:30 caught nothing after noon. 1/2 mile from line, 55-60 fow. Caught 8:; 3-5#. Marked a lot of fish. Nothing deeper than 60 fow. All on silver/chartreuse and black/purple blades. Caught 3 popping down riggers.
  8. Fished from 700 to 12:30 on Thursday. West in 50-78 fow. Caught 1-20” and marked very few. Very disappointing and frustrating.
  9. Sturgeon launch is very good though the slips are not open. 46’-52’.
  10. Fished today off sturgeon7:30-11:30, drifting with bottom bouncers, single blade worm harness, silver blade with chartreuse beads. Caught 4; 2 1/2 - 4 1/2 pounds, a few sheepheads and a bass. Nice morning.
  11. Fished Friday off the windmills 36-40 fow, caught 3 all on watermelon color harnesses. Fished Saturday same area for 2 hours caught nothing. Then fished 3 hours off sturgeon 52-60 fow, 0 fish, though continuously marked fish, mainly on the bottom.
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