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  1. Thanks. One more bit of info. The bite is slow in the AM, seems to pick up around 11am, and after noon was the best bite. Let me know how you do tomorrow.
  2. I've never checked, but if the line is 9.5 miles as glowgetter says, I'd guess its it about 6-7 miles to Red Roof. That's the exact same boat I had prior to my Commander, I understand!
  3. As your headed west down the lake you will go past a building with a red roof, (this is a good spot to stop and try) then you will see some sort of a tower, and finally their is a campground you can't miss it. That camp ground is on the NY side of the state line, Just barley. I have a Lakemaster chip that shows the line clearly. Hope this helps.
  4. Sorry about that, yes 45' to 55' deep water fish were close to bottom 40' and down.
  5. Head west! Fished out of Barcelona Sun/Mon. 4 man limit both days with another 4 man limit of under <17" throw backs. No big fish, a couple 24's the rest 19ish. 45' to 55' close to state line. 1.5 to 2.2 harnesses and Dreamweaver spoons orange/green did the best.
  6. Diversion; Haven't heard about the dredging, but I launched there 5-21/22, no problem getting out to the east. Plenty of water for my Boat.
  7. First post, been following for a few months. Thought I'd share my trip. Fished Friday afternoon till dark and Sat morning till 2pm. Mostly west of harbor. Water temps are very high, 80 surface 70 at 60'. Had to work for them, 15 in the box 28" was the best. Meat out produced sticks for us. 50' to 70' of water.
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