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  1. Thanks Sparrow. I appreciate your hospitality.
  2. I am new to this site and fishing Lake Erie via boat. I live in Maryland but I have a cottage in Edinboro. I grew up in Erie on the lower east side. I have been living in MD for the last 30+ years, but I have just started fishing for walleye on Erie the last two years. I down sized to a 17'7" aluminum boat which I trailer everywhere due to my love of musky fishing. This winter I have been accumulating the proper tackle for walleye fishing in Lake Erie thanks to Fish USA. I was very successful last July during the holidays fishing Erie with some baitcasters and rods from flounder fishing and planer boards from striper fishing the Chesapeake Bay. Although I think most of my success was due to the phenomenal year class of fish in the lake now. I am getting more serious about walleye fishing on Lake Erie and hope to get back home more this coming season to learn and enjoy the Lake. My plan is to move back home permanently when I retire in 10 years, God willing. Tight lines Polishcannon.
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