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  1. Up for sale is a 11.5’ West Marine HPV 350 inflatable boat with 9.9 Mercury Motor + Accessories in excellent condition with no issue at all with this boat as it has always been properly used and maintained professionally. A great boat for cruising the bays and rivers, makes a good tender for big boats, easy one-man handling on the water too. Very useful family boat and comes with everything needed to hit the water. The powerful 9.9 Mercury motor runs well. Included with the boat is 11.5' West Marine 2008 HPV 350 inflatable boat with 9.9 Mercury Motor Plus Accessories! Length: 11'5" Beam: 5'10" Max. HP: 25 Capacity: 1755 lbs 2 oar locks 3 tow rings Front and rear carry handles Rigid transom Motor water flush adaptor Application: Rigid Hull Sportboat/Performance Tender Comes bundled with: 2 Oars Bench Seat with davits for a second seat Bench seat zippered storage bag hangs under seat Gas can and full gas lines Tiller handle extender Hand and foot air pumps Hand water bailer for rain water build up $2,500.00 or best offer for the full package! If you are interested please contact me via email for fast response. allsales at protonmail dot com Thanks for looking.
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