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  1. Now is the time to sign up for the Big Dawg Walleye Classic, as commitment is required by Friday midnight. Building a strong, 100% payout event. Call me or PM for info. Sign up at Nick's sporting goods or call to arrange payment. Dan
  2. There has not been one established. Since we're going to pay 100% of all entry fees, we will not be offering any discounts. Dan Hanley
  3. June 22nd, 2019 (Big Fish Friday June 21st) Dunkirk NY $500 per team, optional $100 per Team Big Fish Friday. Contact [email protected] with questions and interest Big Dawg Tournament Flyers (1) (1).pdf
  4. Hey Chuck, Auto Pilot....... Hmmmm.. why the heck did I wait so long ???? The best money I've spent on my boat. I had the HDS 12 by Lowrance, Gen 2, and when Lowrance came out with a hydraulic system that matches my system I did a bunch of homework. For $1000 I could have the autopilot drive the boat inside the Lowrance software, gps and insight map????? Darned right I'm spending the money. BUT... I had the same steering system it appears you have. Power assisted cable. HMMMM..... So... I installed a hydraulic steering cylinder on my Kicker and never attached it to my main outdrive. It steers the boat beautifully. Point is... get a unit that works with your GPS and map system. It really makes it easy. Good luck.
  5. Just installed the new Lowrance outboard auto pilot to my HDS Gen2. and here's the thing..... I installed it on my 9.9 High thrust ONLY. I purchased a Baystar hydraulic steering cylinder. When all finished, in for $1300, can control it from my HDS, create routes, pre-planned turns besides the basics.. I'll add a Troll Master Pro 2 for throttle control then... go fishing.....
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