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  1. Bow and stern has nice boats the guy is very nice.
  2. Went out of small boat harbor. Lots of marks lost one in 35 ft near the wind mills. Didn't fish long this morning. Pulled worm harnesses. Our only bite came on chartreuse
  3. Went today and fished the windmills. Lots of marks only caught a sheephead and a smallie. Pulling worm harnesses. Greens and oranges. Hope it gets better than this I have yet to catch a walleye this year but ice only been out 2 times for walleye
  4. I've been persuaded to go to Erie Friday night as well.
  5. I was afraid of that. Thanks for the update I guess I will try Lake Ontario Sunday.
  6. I might try my luck Friday night. Still new to walleye fishing. Probably going to troll for them around 8 foot of water. I haven't seen many reports from the buffalo area.
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