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  1. Out of Barcelona this evening. Started in 90 FOW trolled back in to 70 feet. Best was 75. Fished from 1700-2030 caught at least ten or 12 total. Four keepers. The four nice ones came on a rigger down 50, two on displays setting 1 back 190-220, and a 40 jet diver. nothing on 8 color lead core -has gone cold for me.
  2. Introduction - See you at Barcelona next week Hello, Born and raised in WNY. Have served as an Army Officer since graduating SUNY Brockport in 1991 and enjoy summer leave back home every year I can travel. This year am spending my first week of leave in Mayville and will be fishing out of Barcelona Harbor 9-17 July. Then off to Ontario for a week, followed by two weeks on Lake O at Point Breeze. Boat is a Black/Gold Lund Fisherman named Hazardous Duty. I'll be fishing every day the conditions allow with my two sons age 14 and 13. I plan on running six rods unless fishing gets tough. Two dipseys, a 20, 30, 40 jet diver off boards, and a rigger rod with my probe. I have a 10 color and two more dipsey rods in reserve. Not sure yet but will likely start with double willow leaf harnesses and spoon harnesses. Looking forward to it - the fishing in WNY just gets better every year...of course, any general information appreciated. Hot colors and depth to start would help. I'll post a report every day I fish.
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