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  1. I noticed that as well. As the day wore on, you had to be active to get any fish interested. I was actively jigging my drop shot rig to get bites. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  2. We did OK out of Catt yesterday. But we were not clobbering them by any stretch. We moved around quite a few times. Picked up some jumbos right after sun up, but they disappeared after about an hour, then it was a slow pick at small pods of roaming fish after that. We would catch one or two and then the pod moved on and we’d have to wait for the next pod to move through. We culled about as many as we kept. The fish definitely ran on the smaller side after that first hour. We kept to inside of 60’. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  3. I think everyone is talking about the same guy/boat. Drama and entertainment on the high seas. LOL I was very surprised at how well everyone co-existed in those small, tight groups of boats. Well...... most everyone.