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  1. I haven't been out in a week, Hitting Dunkirk tomorrow morning. i'll post how i did.
  2. Dunkirk this morning, fished 7;30_2;00 110fow out of harbor trolled west. stick bait bite, purple Renosky was the hot lure today. took 11 home 6 short, lost 2 and 1 steelhead that made a mess out of my lines. some very fat healthy fish out there. 250 copper and 8 and 9 color leadcore
  3. i spooled my cold water 45 with wire, i seem to be diving deeper then the chart said.
  4. Great job,Are you using wire or braid on your dipsey rods????
  5. yes, mon and wed , mon 20 105-120 fow wed 86 got 12