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  1. Fished Barcelona Tuesday, 7-1. Caught 16, 10 keepers all 16-20 inches. Fished 85-110ft, fish scattered throughout water column but best concentration was 70-80ft. All worm harnesses, most on downrigger, a couple on 10 colors.
  2. Fished SP yesterday for the first time this year. Haven't been out in a couple weeks and figured it's time to start moving West (usually fish out of SBH). Started in 55-60ft, caught 1 shorty and 1 sheep, moved out to 75ft and caught 7 more with 1 short and 2 perch.
  3. When I was purchasing a new unit a couple years ago and after much research I determined that all units are pretty much the same regarding functionality, it was just a question of how much you're willing to spend which is also determined by the size of the screen you want. After pretty much settling on a Lowrance I went to West Marine to purchase the unit I had chosen. The salesman there quickly changed my mind suggesting a Raymarine. He explained that Raymarine is relatively new to the recreational fishing fish finders but has been manufacturing sonar and radar for many years and is a quality product that is priced much more reasonably than Lowrance or Humingbird. Also with the Raymarine the transducer is included, not so with some of the other units, and it came with the Navionics gold and silver cards which would have cost a pretty penny if purchased separately. I decided to purchase the Dragonfly and have not been disappointed, it's easy to use and has functioned flawlessly. Just my experience and opinion.
  4. Any update on the harbor speed limit?
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