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  1. Repowered my boat with a larger motor and am offering this 1996 Mercury 60 hp ELPTO outboard. Includes flush mount controls, prop and remote ignition. Trim Tilt was replaced with a NEW (all metal and cost $1,000) version just over a year ago. Motor runs well and served me well it just is to small for my boat. Winterized properly every year and I only used NON-Ethanol gas. The only issue I had more recently was with key ignition module at the end of last season. Since it is no longer on my boat nor connected up, I cannot start it. I am selling this as is..Parts or whatever. Its located on Chatuauqua Lake. Anyways, $1,100/BO. Pick up only. -Eric
  2. I was near center gap. Paddled north 1/4 way down wall. Drift took me straight along wall south. There was no reason for that guy to act the way he did. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  3. Sorry. I launched at 3:30 and pulled out at6:30 Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  4. Had an unusual run in with a pleasure boater this evening. I was kayak fishing the break walls and some guy in a bow rider comes over screaming at me...cursing and cursing and telling me I was gonna die. It looked like he was heading from the river to the north gap but saw me and decided to slowly bother the ____ outta me. Background: I have a 14' Sit on top that is safety orange. I have a safety yellow flag that stand 1-2' above my head and I was wearing a safety yellow bright as day shirt over my vest ( for comfort). There was barely any chop...maybe 6" and I was along the outside of the break walls north of center gap minding my own business and out of the way. I know the right of way and courtesy rules for power boating (I also have an 18' fishing boat I keep on Chautauqua) and know to get out of the way on the kayak too. Did I miss some regulation about kayaking on Erie? Btw... Caught a bunch of bass and a couple sheepshead so I had fun. -ericmic Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  5. Clock tower near Hoaks...walked down rocks
  6. Went out in kayak last night from Hoaks. stayed out for short time 1.5 hrs. Picked up one. Water seemed clearish....
  7. Launched mayville around 1am on opener. Pulled in 1st walleye after about 30seconds. Next came a bit later. Bite became steady till we quit at 4:14am. Bagged 9 for the 3 of us and 1 fat rockbass. -ericmic Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
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