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  1. Sorry no website at this time. Perhaps a winter project. I am working on a special UV cover film that looks smoked and should be available soon.
  2. More pictures from a new customer
  3. CANADIAN CUSTOMERS - I GOT MY FIRST!! I wanted to let you all know that I've successfully processed my first Canadian customer. I worked with Paypal and USPS. It was easy. Please Canadian fishermen and women consider buying my product.
  4. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone is interested in becoming a sales rep. for me on these in your area, Consider it. If you're normal travels are by charter boats and other fishermen or you have a shop, contact me 315 825-5848. I can make it worth your time. Big Al
  5. Smoke-n-finn, How about a referral? You love mine. Hook me up with a new customer (s) and I'll send you some free product. I'll send you at least one pad. Remember my summer sale deal buy 4 get one free applies (any size). Big Al
  6. ALL NEW SPOON AND LURE HOLDERS FOR 2017 BY BIG AL These are great for storing spoons, stick baits and other lures. Tested and approved by Captain Rick Pecci, Dreams Come True Charters. They are a great way to display, store, and fish your lures as shown by the pictures attached. You can sort your lures buy brand, size, color, ect. You can "shop" your lures while fishing. Allowing you to better plan your next lure change. These are made by fisherman for fisherman in the U.S.A. Pads consist of sealed foam sheet, with wood stiffener and UV safe plastic cover. Standard Regular Lure holder, single sided, 24" x 16.62" = $35.00 each, Magnum Size Lure Holder, single sided, 36" x 16.62" = $45.00 each Walleye, Drift boat Size, double sided 24" x 9.62" = $25 each FREE SHIPPING, SUMMER SALE - BUY 4 OF ANY SIZE, GET ONE OF ANY SIZE FREE. Canadians please call or email me to see if we can work together to get you what you need. Call or text me (315-825-5848), email [email protected], I take PayPal, money orders, Bank Checks. IN A HURRY? I usually have your order in stock and can ship same day as PayPal payment. Most orders are 1-3 day USPS ship. New York Sales Tax applies to NY sales. Also don't forget to refer a friend, let me know and I'll reward you with product. Remember "Quality is remembered when price is forgotten" Lures NOT included, 80 spoons shown on picture 1.