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Do I need a sinker just ahead of the worm harness?

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Hi all, it seems that the Walleye right now, Sept 22, are on the bottom, and I wonder if I should put an egg sinker ahead of the worm harness, to make sure it is running on the bottom behind the downrigger ball, or dipsey. It seems that the harness may have a tendency to go upward and thus be out of the strike zone even though the ball/diver is close to the bottom. Thanks. Garry.


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Well if it were myself, I always try to run 7-10 feet above the fish in lake erie. It the water is cloudy, I will go to 3-5 feet above them. If you run too close to the fish, they generally won't bite. It's more of a reaction bite you are looking for, so to answer your question, I would not run any extra weight on your harnesses.

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