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Is my boat big enough for Lake Erie?

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I fished Lake Erie for many years in a 16 foot Browning tri-hull but only went out in SE wind or wind from normal directions if it was under 10 mph. Mine was an bow rider and I leaned that keeping the bow cover snapped  on was a must when the waves start getting above 3 feet. I dove the bow under a wave once in 4 footers and it scared the poop out of me. Lot of water came in the boat and I had no bilge pump. Bought and installed one before I went out again. My current boat has 2 bilge pumps , just in case. That Browning was a super stable boat but loved to slash water up in the air when running fast and the wind would always spray back into your face. That's why I sold it when I could afford to upgrade. No more open bows for me. Most new boats on the market now are dual consoles or center consoles. No thanks, I'd rather be dry. I just don't get the DC fad. Open bow is nice to get to your planer board mast if you have one, but that's about the only advantage unless you fish small lakes like Chautauqua for bass or calicos. Even Chautauqua will get you wet if it's breezy. 

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