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Sturgeon Point Reports 2022...

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we fished out of Buffalo sat night got in the water at nine o'clock  set  up at the north gap 33 to 47 ft of water running lead 2 3 4 color with sticks of the boards out to the line towards to  the elbow first fish hit the floor  in 10 min after that it was crazy we boated over 15 fish two over 8 lbs one 7 lbs and whole lot 3 to 

5 lbs  we weigth in two fish lost two big fish that straigthed out the treble hooks and yes it was a little sporty out  Good Luck the fishing should only get better                     Yellowpike out 



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Made my first trip(solo) of the year to Erie, and it was a GRIND...... wound up with 5, mostly from 60 to 64 fow. But there were few marks on the screen and even fewer takers. harnesses with gold did the damage off one rigger and 2 diver rods....... Nice quality fish though. Every one had an MT stomach. 

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Good job J. Sparrow!

Also made the first trip of the season with a friend today. We caught 3 eyes (24, 25, 25 inches), a white bass, yellow perch and a number of sheephead. Went out toward the line west of Point Abino. Got all fish rod in hand on harnesses. Fished from 3:30 pm till dark.

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We launched well before sunrise and took a 2 man limit out of SP yesterday. 50 - 60 fow was the zone for us. Sticks on 7-8 colors were good early, and then we added 2 oz inline weights to those to keep taking fish, but the sticks cooled off and harnesses improved. Divers and riggers were quiet early but improved as the day went along. Good quality fish, but no fish over 6 lbs. Lots of boat traffic........ but you wouldn't think so based on reports......

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Fished west of Sturgeon Point yesterday in 58 to 78 fow from 3:30 pm till dark. Had areas of good marks but unfortunately they were not biting for me and my daughter. Zero, zip, nada. Oh well it was a beautiful day. Tried harnesses, spoons and Bomber long A in northern lights. Lake was very empty... no boats. Got as far west as the Catt. Next time I will make them pay!

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