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Buffalo Creek Fishing Contest?

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A competitive event for informing the public of the fishery resource available in the city of Buffalo after the improvement of the water quality there. From the lighthouse to Caz Park  and  I90 there are trout and bass available. With miles of water to be fished and a boat is not needed. I have seen the fish there and DEC could have a trap net study to inform the public. We have a great resource here, just no history or public incident to awaken the public.

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You are absolutely right! If the towns would get together and sponsor some contests were a father could take his kids fishing without a boat I'm sure some kids would really enjoy it and want to keep fishing and later on in life be able to get a boat and try lake fishing. The towns I believe don't know how much money is generated through these contests. My facebook is always showing some kind of contest's all over except western NY. Some parents cannot afford a boat to fish the south town walleye contest, but im sure if there was a local contest people just might get more involved with there kids.

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