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The Choice Of Screw Elevator Type

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Introduced for you is the nut-rotating Screw Elevator. The motor is connected to the nut through the belt. It needs to follow the car to move up and down. In addition to the sound of the machine itself, the sound of the machine must follow the car, and the machine resonance sound, the sound will be compared. Large; structural design principles are more complex, resulting in high cost, mainly foreign brands.
What type of screw-type home elevator should I choose? The two-layer three-story duplex building can choose screw-rotating screw elevator. After all, the noise is small and the price is low. The four-layer and five-layer are limited by the screw lifting height. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the nut-rotating screw elevator. Of course, the price will be higher, if you are not a duplex. The four floors and five floors are better to choose the traction elevator, and the running speed is fast and the price is low.
If you choose the type of screw elevator, you need to choose the brand of screw elevator. Screw elevators mainly include foreign brand screw elevators and domestic brand screw elevators. This depends on what consumers care about. The screw elevators of foreign brands are luxuriously decorated but the price is very high. For local tyrants and people who pay special attention to status and status, they often choose screw elevators of foreign brands, and there is light on the face. The screw price of the domestic brand screw elevator is relatively affordable, and the price-oriented will often choose the domestic brand screw elevator. However, when we choose the screw elevator brand, the most important thing is to look at safety and cost performance, followed by appearance and decoration. Foreign brands do not represent the best. Domestically, it does not mean that it is worse than foreign brands, so we are choosing When you want to "only choose the right one, don't choose expensive."

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