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Lake Erie Largemouth

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      Sunset Beach, Irving, NY,  Oct. 26, 2019 RALLY TO DEFEND LAKE ERIE from 50 industrial wind turbines. Governor Cuomo's destructive energy policy has targeted Lake Erie from buffalo to the Pa border. Speaking were Chautauqua County Executive George Borrello, State Senator Chris Jacobs, Erie County legislators John Mills and Lynne Dixon; Mary Hosler, Supervisor, Evans, NY; Jeff Jondle, retired State Conservation Police Lieutenant; Mary Henson, Citizens Against Turbines in Lake Erie; Jim Hanley, Lak

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    • walleye still biting erie, pa

      caught quite a few eyes yesterday oct 6  out of erie pa. was a bit rough, forecast was wrong AGAIN!  dipsys and custom painted renoskys by dutch Fork. white/ orange belly, lemon lime, was best colors. 145' back on a 2, 165' back on a 3  in 72' of water.  never turned around on any fish just kept going. most guys are putting away the boats and this is one fo the greatest times of year to fish!!

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    • Lake Erie Early Fall Transition Bass

      Locations and lures to catch those early fall transition bass on Lake Erie.  I made my way out on Lake Erie looking for those Largemouth moving in.  I was able to piece together a pretty good morning.  Caught probably 30 by 11 am.   Two lures did the most damage.   I put together a little video that will show you the day went and what lures worked best. https://youtu.be/iWiSevZaedM

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      Little late getting this up, but this video will probably help you locate bass on Lake St. Clair.  It can be overwhelming if it's your first time fishing there, but there is a way to find those bass without traveling all over the lake.  This video will show you some exact locations to catch them and tactics to use.   https://youtu.be/otYTSMG0-ds

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    • Erie bass

      Anyone know any good general areas for bass on erie Canadian or American side works?     Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App

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