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Kitchen Faucets Manufacturers Share The Role Of Faucet Spool

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The easy place for the faucet is the valve core, so it is necessary to master its replacement skills. Once the faucet leaks, it will not only waste water resources, its water droplets and long-term effects on the humidity of the space will be healthy for the family. Then when there is a problem with the faucet spool, how do you change the faucet spool? The following kitchen faucets manufacturers will teach you how to replace it:

1. Close the total water valve first.
2. Then put a red and blue mark of about 8 mm on the handle of the faucet and buckle it down.
3. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to loosen the set screw counterclockwise and remove the handle to expose the spool.
4. Use a spanner wrench to disassemble the valve core of the faucet, open the upper part of the gland with a wrench, and remove the ceramic valve inside.

Faucet spool replacement notes:
1. After removing the spool, you will see a blue rubber band on the bottom of the spool. It is customary to have a red eraser at the bottom of the left spool and a blue eraser on the right.

2, so when changing the right spool, use the blue rubber valve core, after the valve core is installed, the handle is inserted, adjust the direction of the hand wheel, the handle is closed to the water when the two sides are closed, the direction of the person standing is boiling water .

3. Install the screw and cover the blue cap on the right side, so that the new valve plug is replaced.

information about kitchen faucets manufacturers : https://www.afastainlesskb.com/product/stainless-steel-faucet/kitchen-faucet/

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