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sold / closed 2 Cannon Heavy Duty Electric Downriggers

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2 older cannon downriggers with 5 foot booms.  I do not know what model they are.  One has a partial sticker that says something Kuna.  These seem really heavy duty compared to newer ones.  Someone told me they were made for heavier balls for saltwater fishing.  They work fine just used them for walleyes with 12 pound weights this weekend on Erie.   Reason for selling is they are a little too big to use on my new boat set up.  Hate to sell because I like the fact that they are way sturdier and heavy duty compared to the new ones.  Comes with 2 smaller riser blocks.  $300 for pair







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Head shaker is correct - those are Mag 10A model.  They were rated for a 10lb weight max and predate the Mag 10 model.  I ran a set for 25 years and updated after having motor issues from running 13lb weights.  Run 10lb and they’ll likely chug along fine- some guys call them “old and slow”. GLWS

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