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    • Jumbo perch and walleyes for the Bill’s game time.

      Jr. and I spent the game time checking the score on the cell phone. In 65 foot of water we found scattered groups of perch , all jumbo sized, scattered around. They quickly took golden shiners but also quickly disappeared . After an hour we ran several miles to 75 foot of water due West . There we found suspended walleyes stacked up in the area 70 foot down. Action was slow with a Northeasterly blowing. The screen displayed large hooks stacked up to 85 foot out but the action was slow, only two

      in Open Lake Discussion


      Yes, Walleye do have Wings.  It's the Chin or Breast Meat.  If you are now enjoying the Cheeks (the filet mignon) give Walleye Wings a try. You will find that they are good as Cheeks and if not better tasting.   Several years ago (well over 25) I read an article in OOD Magazine on how to cut out and cooking "The Pecks" (now called Walleye Wings and also known as Chin & Fins, Wishbones, Bat Wings and Rabbit Ears). I had a copy of that article and showed it to numerous other Walleye Fi

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    • Fishing shallow night time

      Fishing shallow night time I'm new to Erie spring night fishing. I would appreciate input when it comes to the benefit of using an electric trolling motor as an alternative to a kicker or main motor. How much of an advantage is the stealthier presentation & do you feel it is worth the effort?

      in Lake Erie Fishing Reports

    • Fishing the Niagara river for first time

      I plan on fishing the lower Niagara for the first time soon and have a few questions.  The plan is to drift for steelhead/salmon.  What launch is best to use?  What areas are best to drift?  Which lures/bait are best?  Are there any good tackle stores nearby?  I'm assuming most people use three way rigs to fish there?  thanks in advance for your help.

      in Lake Erie Fishing Reports

    • Day time eyes

      Took my two sons out this morning about 9am out of Dunkirk. Day time bite was on today.  All our fish came off three colors of lead with Rynowsky's sticks. I ran Bay Rays but after two years of running Rynowsky's and Rats side by side the Rynowsky's win hands down. Fish were piled up in tight off the reefs. I caught them going 2.2 on GPS using an S turn pattern. I'm sure lots are waiting for water to warm for the day time bite to kick in but that thinking is wrong (old school thinking). Last yea

      in Lake Erie Fishing Reports

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