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Dunkirk area

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Fished out of Barcelona went west 30-50 bunch of shorts and sheephead then went deep for Lakers 70-80 fow bottom....150 copper 100steel and 7 color on boards took everything except lakers. Lakers on gambler rigs....good day on Erie she was glass all day Snapchat-461367700.jpegSnapchat-858986502.jpegSnapchat-775438680.jpegSnapchat-180804706.jpegSnapchat-1072328101.jpeg

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Yeah a lot of those ravenous little guys were jumping on last Sunday for us too. Still up in the air if I'm going to brave the rain this weekend:emoticon-0156-rain::emoticon-0156-rain: Good luck to all
You get out today? Think I'm going to tomorrow with a buddy

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Went out of Dunkirk yesterday. Ended up with 8, mixed sizes anywhere from 16" to 28" (6-7 lb). Most came on a purple harness with hatchet blade on 7 color. Lost a nice laker, first fish of the day and due to my crappy netting job, caught the lure in the net. Looked like a nice fish, weren't too disappointed as we were going to throw it back anyway. Made up for it on the next few fish, my buddy got a PB 6 then a bit later got a 7 lber 28". Couple nice eaters in the 16-21" range also.

Bigger fish seemed skinny and heads looked huge. Most fish had empty stomachs, one of the bigger ones had a white perch/white bass half digested but otherwise not much in any stomachs.

eyes 6 30 2018.jpg

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