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Capt Juls

Walleye Western Basin Fishing Report 4/13/16

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Got up early this morning and made a fresh batch of brownies for my crew today. I have fished with Mike before. He usually fishes with Chris Utter, from Wisconsin, but  Chris won't be in until tonight, because he had to stay behind to finish up some work...so, Mike brought Steve and Bob down to fish with him today.

It was calm when we left Catawba launch at 7:20am, but we knew it was going to get windier as the day went on, so I decided the furthest spot was the one I wanted to try first, so we could make our way back as it got windier, and as time ran out.
Our first stop was up by West Reef (south side of it). The water was more clear than I like to see, but we were marking some fish there, so we put some Bandits and a couple Deep Husky Jerks out. 
We made one pass there, and decided that the water was getting cleaner, and the marks were dissipating, so we picked it all up and headed west. 
I had set a "Go To" line to the area just north of Niagara, because I figured the fish coming off the reefs would be going right past there to the area north of west reef, where there was a pack of boats.  I know that pack was picking away at them, slowly, but it didn't sound like anyone up there had anything really dialed in to the point of catching a lot of fish fast, so I opted to go find a less congested spot.
On our way out to the waypoint, I stopped about a mile short of it and marked some good marks on the Helix.  The water clarity was perfect, so I had the guys set the lines again.
This time, we ran all Bandits anywhere from 45-75 back.  BUT....I over thought it, and I got impatient, AND I looked at the wind forecast....AND I got indecisive....so, I told them to pick them up again, after we didn't catch anything in the first 1/4 mile. (From what I heard on the radio, I should have kept going...ugh!)
Anyway, we moved over to the area on the west side of Middle Bass. A stretch I like to fish this time of year, or just a little later. I wanted to see if they were in there yet. 
In the first pass, we caught two beautiful fish (that are now at Jim's Taxidermy here in Port Clinton, for Steve and Bob), using the same set up as previously.
We would catch four really nice fish in that area, before moving down to the area between South Bass Island and Green Island. We didn't mark a lot of fish there, and made one pass about a mile long. 
Giving up on that area, our next destination, as we were on our last hour, was over to the Mouse Island area, but as we got closer, we could see it was all mud there.  
Pulling the boat off plane, I talked it over with the guys, as to what our options were, and they said, "It's up to you Captain". Steve said, "Let's go back to where we caught some fish", and I heard Mike say to him, "It would take a 1/2 hour to get back over there". That's all I needed to hear, because this gal is running a new Evinrude 300 G2 on this Ranger 621! Ha! Woot! Woot!
I said, "Everyone good?" And, turned to make sure everything was put away, and nothing would fly out of the boat. After a careful navigation through the trough caused by the NE winds in the "Slop Chute", we got to the protected side of South Bass Island, and I opened her up....well, mostly. I wasn't full throttle, but it was over 50...lol  It only took us 10 minutes to get from where we started, to our fishing spot. When I set the boat down, and deployed the Ulterra, I turned around and, smiling, said, "Because....we can!" They laughed...and, that made me happy. :)
Again, they set the lines, and the Off Shore boards floated away from the boat with our offerings to the finicky walleye. This would be our last pass of the day. I put some Pink Floyd on the bluetooth, and "Shine on you Crazy Diamond" was playing. Steve told of his experience back in 1975 when he saw them at Soldier Field in Chicago.
Then, as we approached a very small area where we had picked up all our fish, the flag on the middle board on the port side, went down, and then back up. "Did you see that?", asked Bob. Mike, who was sitting on the bow said, "Yeah, the flag went down". I said, "Hit and a miss".
About a minute later the same board went back. That fish was swimming with the bait after it hit it. Ha! 
It was a nice 6-7 pound walleye.  Then, while we were getting that fish out of the net, Mike jumped to the other side of the boat and grabbed a rod. Looking up, I saw that the middle board on that side was dragging another big fish. The guys did a great job landing all their fish today, and didn't lose any at the boat. Steve said, "Even the fish like Pink Floyd!" I agreed. 
We ran out of time, and high-fived our successful move back up there, and headed back in. Everyone said they had a good time, and that's all I can ask for. The fish don't alway cooperate and give us limits, but if you can have fun while you're fishing, then it's a successful trip in my opinion.
Our best Bandit colors were the stock color Black Headed Wonder bread, and the Domka custom colors, "Huff Daddy", and "Toxic Melon".  We caught fish at 45 back, 55 back, and 65 back. Speed was 1.4-1.6mph.
I'm not sure if we will get tomorrow's trip in yet. I'll see what the winds are going to do tomorrow, in the morning, and talk it over with my crew. I have Chris and Mike, and a new guy tomorrow, so I know if we do go, and it's rough, I have two out of three in the crew that can definitely handle the conditions.
So...Stay tuned....
Capt Juls





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I just love reading your posts Capt Juls, brings back many memories for me and those times I spent with my dad who's no longer with us. Reading your post about the wind made me think of something maybe not many LakeO guys are familiar with and that is the wind and its general rule of thumb, LakeE is right opposite of LakeO as far as the wind goes. I remember the wind was usually blowing good in the morning with 3FTers or more in the morning, I remember leaving Turtle Creek and only the 20FT or better went out, our cabin sat right where the brake wall ended and you could hear the big V8's just cruise out, and the diehards raised the lower unit to plow there way out till they hit the 20ft of water then the waves weren't as bad. LakeO general rule of thumb is flat maybe 1-2fters and as the day goes by the waves get bigger, just the opposite of Erie rough in the Morn, then lay down in the afternoon then kick back up in the evening. This was the general rule of thumb like I said and who knows maybe it has changed over the last 20 years. Also Lake Erie bait shops were the only place I know where you could buy 4oz bottom bouncers which you needed to stay on the bottom when drifting worm harnesses. Those were the good O'L Days, and spending money at the HAPPY HOOKER, that place I think has as every Michigan stinger spoon ever made,. Tight lines to you and your clients. Ps. Lake Erie out of Port Clinton is the only place I took a charter we left the dock at 6:am and was back by 12 noon with a 6 man ticket and we were sorting through them also not keeping the bigger feamales. That was our decision, and he respected that, and we were rewarded for that also. Keep the posts coming!!!!  :emoticon-0148-yes: :emoticon-0178-rock:

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50 minutes ago, BlueEye said:

Awesome report Juls!!  Nice going!

Thanks Chad, I truly believe this sight will explode. Just wait till the first Saturday in May!!!

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