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Lost inline board

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On 5/27/2018 at 3:51 PM, Youngblood said:

Lost a inline board early Saturday morning.With the wind direction and current it would have been in the buffalo area.Guess I should have had my name and number on it.First one I have ever lost. 

Not cheap for what they are. Not a bad idea to put name and number on em in case you do loose one. Might find its way to a honest fisherman. We wrap our line around the top tongue behind the peg and havnt lost one since.

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First time I ever used mine I lost one at night on Oneida, got the walleye. I didn't have it set right, user error and when the fish hit the board popped off. It was dark so I looked a bit but couldn't find it. I put a post on myfishfinder and someone found one that they sent to me. After that I put my name and number on them and make sure they are set up correctly.

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I added a snap swivel to the rear release and if both releases come free the snap on the allows the board to slide down to the lure. There is also a red release which has a “tit” on it to hold the line on the board. Made by “off shore”.This saves a lot of time chasing around for lost boards.

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