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  1. Finished out our charter season yesterday out of Dunkirk.  Another great day, and for those of you

    that keep your boats moving, the next few weeks will probably remain good!     Shallow sticks off

    170-175 diver and WD's of 85 riggers yesterday.   Fish were deeper in the water column.  95-105

    straight out.



    September 30.jpg

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  2. Shinintimes:

    There really are no campgrounds right at Dunkirk.   Closest to Dunkirk would the state park mentioned above.  Blue water and a KOA are closer to Barcelona.     There are slips at the marina in Dunkirk, and a hotel (Clarion).   There are also 3-4 hotels out at the I-90 exchange, 4 miles or so to Dunkirk.

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