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  2. The wife and I are planning a weekend trip of walleye fishing out of Dunkirk marina. My question is, how far will we have to go to get into good walleye fishing waters. We only have a 14ft Lund deep v. Just don’t want to get caught in bad weather. Thanks
  3. I fish the central basin of erie with lite bite slide divers. I use 65# power pro main line with a 6' or 7' 20# fluro leader.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Silver are Craig's, bronze/brown are Vector
  6. Ttt Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  7. Power pro 30 lbs test / 8 lbs diameter for dipsy and true trip rods. 20 lbs Seagaurd (sp?) Leader. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  8. New boat (for us) shakedown. Got a late start Saturday (6:15am), headed through the channel and around the point and set up in about 40 FOW among the zoo of boats and headed WSW. Found out quickly our subtroll wasn't working, so no down speed. Took us a little bit to get everything set up and learn the nuances of the boat. Took us longer than we though but finally got our three man limit around 1:30. Riggers with UV Stinger Scorpions and 8 color core with watermelon Stinger Scorpion too most pf the fish mixed with a few meat bites. The next morning was pretty much the same program, but with the exception of nearly getting ran over by the barge headed out. No joke, if we had a 10 color out, it would have been gone. Pretty slow , got our two man limit around noon, watermelon spoon again the hot ticket for us. One more week of this, then salmon time in Ontario.
  9. Like new planer mast, reels, collapsible boards and releases. Looks to be a 5' mast. Will entertain Best Offers for this nice setup. Please PM me any offers...thanks Located neat Olean, NY
  10. 2 - like new Okuma 453D Coldwater linecounter reels for sale. They are lightly used, nice condition reels. These are the high line capacity reels ( 580/20lb (0.42), 430/25lb (0.48), 330/30lb ) looks like they are filled with 20lb mono currently. I didn't own these reels...they were on a friends boat when he bought the boat. $140 for the pair + shipping
  11. 12# main, 10# leader on everything.
  12. I ran 20lb Seaguar fluoro 6' leaders behind my dipsys 30lb braid for main line for dipsy rods 15lb mono for my 30' leaders on all my leadcore setups 12lb Sunfire mono for my crankbait/ planer board and downrigger rods
  13. Batteries are fine , fishfinder works , just want a upgrade, not going to run 2 units , but seen there is 2 options on transducer on HDS live and was wondering about the difference. Have a Lowrance Gen 2 five inch screen , want the 7 inch screen . Will sell it after new unit . Sent from my SM-G935V using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  14. 1 make sure your battery volts are above 10 volts. Most electronics auto shut down with low voltage. If you add another depth and fishfinder, to get a good view you must disable the sonar signal on one unit otherwise a lot of interference is visible from the other machine. The GPS mode is still available on that machine. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  15. Thanks Everyone! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  16. JustFishin, enjoy your father daughter fishing trips as I know you are. I had my daughter along with me yesterday to. She is 25 now and still loves to get out. It was a great day even though the bite did not happen. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  17. When this bite turns on, the fishing is going to be insane.
  18. 17lbs floro leader tied to the lead with a double uni knot. Some use small swivels Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
  19. We fished for walleyes between SP and the Catt from about noon to 4 and wound up with 3 walleyes( 8, 4, 3 lb.)...... all on harnesses. 60ish FOW, 1.4 - 1.8 mph at the ball....... 2 on the riggers at 40 - 55, and one on the diver out 130........... I think we could have had a better box, but we wasted the morning looking for some active perch..... we found them, but they didn't want goldies..... wish we would have had some emeralds.
  20. My leader off end of leadcore is about 25ft of 20lb P-Line floro line.
  21. I have assortment of 2,3,5,7& 10 color on my reels. The leadcore line is all 27lb. the underneath backer is all 30lb power pro.The 5 color reels get the most use and catch the most fish.
  22. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United
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